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Manipulating the look of the web in code. I realize that my tag line is a bit odd but it sums up how I see the world wide web. The internet is made up of a vast network of computers transferring information back and forth in bytecode.  On each individual machine or computer there are programs that processes this code and then displays it to the end user in some form.  A normal human would find it hard to understand or process such code.  The codes I speak of here and deal with are much more readable by humans. When dealing with the www,  the most common code or programing languages are HTML, PHP, Perl, Javascript.  There are many more but those are the ones I work with the most.

I am an artist, so I tend to look at things a bit differently then your traditional webmaster. I am right brained so it is often difficult for me to grasp certain concepts when dealing with something so left brained. I do feel this gives me a unique take on the subject of websites and their administration. This site endeavors to pass on the things I have learned in what I hope is a way others will find useful.

You'll notice references to WestHost quite often on this site.  This is the hosting company I use for the most part to host my sites.  While not all the information here is exclusive to their environment it may contain specifics that would need to be altered if you are with use a different hosting company.  I try to be clear in such situations what you would need to modify and most of the post and articles are categorized under WestHost if they are specific.

The bulk of this site is written in the question and answer or FAQ style. Hopefully this well make it easy for you to find the solution to any issues you may be having. There are some formatting conventions I use to hopefully help clarify instructions when given. First when you see example.com it is just that an example. This most commonly well represent the url for your own site and would need to be replaced in any code I may be giving as an example. Similarly text you see inside of brackets [ ] would need to be replaced. For example if you see [username] it would need to be replaced with your own user name.

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